Friday, 6 July 2012

Masterclass - Tapping the Creative Well with RIMONA KEDEM

Myself and 7 other lucky people attended Rimona's Masterclass at Qdos Gallery, Lorne recently, supported by her daughter Yasmin.  It was brilliant, particularly to work with someone who shares the same philosophy that everyone can tap into their creativity. You simply need to keep feeding the brain and give yourself permission to play, explore, discover. Rimona has a contagious child like humour and insatiable passion for what she does.  We worked through various approaches of how to trigger new concepts by watching TED talks, referencing Art History books and using various techniques including painting under the influence of 'Listening to a Soldier's Tale' by Stravinsky and even using a stick instead of a brush! 

Beach. Rimona Kedem 2012

Red Riding Hood.  Rimona Kedem 2012

Australian Backyard.  Rimona Kedem 2012

Masterclass: Tapping the Creative Well

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  1. This sounds like a fabulous class - do you have any of your own work you can show?